Roasting and Ceramic Workshop X KANA

Roasting and Ceramic Workshop X KANA


5 Workshops rolled into one.

This for everyone who loves coffee and ceramics in equal parts.

Each workshop runs for 2 hours between 7pm - 9pm. They will run on 3 consecutive Mondays starting Monday 16th April.

Monday 16th April

Monday 23rd April

Monday 30th April

Workshop 1 - Monday 16th April

Introduction to home roasting followed by hand-building your own mugs.

Part 1:  A brief history of coffee followed by an introduction to coffee processing, roasting chemistry, roast profiling and sample roasting on Terrone's 250g Hottop coffee roaster.

Part 2: For the second part of the session you will visit our studio to hand build your Kana mug


Workshop 2 - Monday 23rd April

Coffee Sensory skills and cupping followed by glazing of your cups.

Part 1: A cupping session with the coffee you roasted the week before and learn what cupping is and some of the more commonly used terms and evaluation methods.

Part 2: After he cupping session, you will head back over to us to glaze your mug, which will be ready for you to use at your next brewing session.


Workshop 3 - Monday 30th April
With your new cups fired and ready to take home Terrone will teach you the V60 brew method for you to use at home.

Learn how to grind coffee for various brew methods and brewing coffee session with the V60 provided to take home with you.


Tickets cost £160 which also includes:

-250g of Terrone coffee to take home
-a V60 brewer to take home

-20% discount on both online stores
-all materials

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