Honduras compostable capsules

Honduras compostable capsules


For our debut on Nespresso® compatible pods we have gone fully compostable. We have also picked one of the best coffees around. This one comes from the highest mountains of Honduras. The farm is called 18 Conejo and it's certified Biodynamic by Demeter®. We are also glad to say that we are the only roastery to have this coffee available for the UK market.

A perfect coffee for the morning kick. We roasted the coffee with a focus on sweetness and balance. It has a strong, creamy body, reminiscent of dried drupes, dark chocolate and is surprisingly floral.

Flhor de María Zelaya Contreras represents the next generation of the family that 30 years ago was one of the organic pioneers in coffee growing. Today they are the first to grow biodynamic coffee in Honduras. Farm 18 Conejo is located at 1700 meters above sea level in the Marcala region of Honduras, the passion and love of Flhor's family that goes into making this great quality coffee is really impressive.
In biodynamic agriculture farmers target the strengthening of the soil, this helps the coffee plants, although ill, with the natural resistance and, above all, strength to survive the coffee rust. This is how the farm is dealing with diseases and insect infestations that have severely shaken Central America in recent years.

Estate 18 Conejo
Grower Zelaya Contreras family
Region Marcala, Honduras
Varietal Catuai, Typica, Bourbon
Altitude 1700 m
Process Natural
Score 83.75

Fifty capsules packed in bags of ten.
Each bag contains ten fully compostable capsules compatible with Nespresso® system. The bag is packed in oxygen free environment and the coffee is kept fresh inside the bag for one year from the roasting date.
Once the bag is opened please consume your pods from that bag within one week for best results. Once used, dispose the capsules with your food waste. They are made of 100% PLA and can be composted in industrial compostable plants. Please check with your local council.

Certified biodynamic by Demeter® 
Certified Organic by USDA
Certified Organic by EU

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